Garam Masala – MDH, 100g

Garam Masala is a ground blend of aromatic spices. MDH Garam Masala spice is a great choice for your curry recipes.


The Garam Masala blend of spices is a specialty from North India. It is a powdered mix of basic spices that are integral to the Indian cuisine. Some of these include cumin, cloves, black and white peppercorns, cardamom, coriander seeds etc. Garam Masala gives a defining aroma and taste to curries and rice dishes. It is used in small quantities in combination with some other spices or alone. It can be added during the early part of the cooking process or towards the end when the dish is ready and still hot. Just half a spoon of this spice mix will give your alu matar, lobhiya and paneer curry a mouth-watering flavour!


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