Lijjat Punjabi Masala Pappadam’s

These punjabi masala Lijat papads are made from urad dal flour and spiced with flavor. They are served roasted on an open flame, which makes them fluffy and crisp appetizers.


Lijjat Punjabi Masala Special papad contains the perfect blend of spice and taste of the Punjabis. The key ingredients behind the special masala papad are the urad dal flour, pepper, salt, edible vegetable oil and other desi spices. In order to get the best results, the Lijjat Punjabi Masala Special papad should be grilled under a hot grill for a few seconds either side until the papad totally bubbles up. The papads can also be fried deep into the oil. Lijjat Punjabi Masala Special papad is traditionally made by the Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad.


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