Singoda (water chestnut) Flour – Heera, 1kg

Singoda or Water Chestnut flour is made by drying and grinding water chestnuts. It is a fine, bright, white powder used in India to make food during fasts. Several Indians observe fasts not just on religious occasions but on certain special days in a week. On these days regular wheat flour or rice is usually avoided and Singoda flour is used to prepare the breads and curries.


Singoda (Water Chestnut) Flour from Heera
What is Heera Singoda (Water Chestnut flour)
Water chestnut is a fruit widely cultivated in lakes in India and Pakistan. Singoda fruits are eaten raw or boiled, The fruit is dried and millel as flour.
Water chestnut flour, also known as Singhare ka atta is used in many religious rituals and can be consumed as a phalahar diet on the Hindu fasting days, the Navratas. Singoda flour is a gluten free flour.
Water chestnuts possess remarkable nutritional composition, making them an excellent food source. Water chestnut acts as an excellent coolant for the body.
Singoda is also known as water caltrop, water chestnut or Singhara, Shingoda in Gujarati and Língjiǎoin Chinese
How is Heera Singoda (Water Chestnut flour) used
Water chestnut flour being low in carb, very low in fat, is consumed as a phalahar diet on the Hindu fasting days, the Navratas.

Water chestnut being very popular in India is used in various local dishes. For instance making puri and paratha in north India, Phalahari Thaleepeeth in Maharashtra and Multigrain dosa in South India.

– It can be used as a thickener or for coating.
– It can be used to make curries like kadhi, sweets like laddus, and Indian breads like rotis, puris etc.
– It is used during fasts.

Health Benefits
– It is rich in Potassium, antioxidants and Vitamin B.
– Singoda flour is a healthy choice even on non-fasting days. It is considered naturally gluten-free.


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