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Chickpeas are creamy-white, protein-rich legumes used in the Indian and international cuisine. They are also known as Chana, Chole or Kabuli Chana. They need to be soaked overnight for easier cooking.

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– Chickpeas are used in many Middle Eastern countries in dishes like falafels.
– Along with spices, tomato, ginger garlic, onion and Indian spices it is prepared as a very delicious main course dish – ‘chhole’ – which is usually served with rice, puri or bhatura.
– It can be added to chaats, salads and soups.
– It can be consumed as snacks when roasted with some spices.
– It is used to prepare the South Indian ‘Sundal’ during the festival of Navratri and Gollu.
– It can also act as a binding agent, and can be used to prepare patties ot tikkis.

Health Benefits
– Chickpeas are rich in fibre and thus can aid weight loss.
– As it is rich in protein, Chana is a healthy addition to a vegetarian diet.
– It contains iron and manganese which helps in boosting the energy levels.
– It is believed to be helpful in stabilizing blood sugar.
– It helps in lowering bad cholesterol.
– It contains a lot of folic acid.

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