Fresh Tinda (apple gourd), approx 500g

Tinda is a small vegetable that looks like a cross between a green apple and a pumpkin. It has a mild taste, very similar to bottle gourd/lauki.


This variety is a squash-like cucurbit grown for its immature fruit, a vegetable especially popular in South Asia. The fruit is approximately spherical, and 5–8 cm in diameter The seeds may also be roasted and eaten. Green coloured, apple sized fruits are flattish round in shape and 50-60 grams in weight.

The round gourds or tinda are small fruits indigenous to India. They are equally esteemed as a vegetable, medicinal plant, and animal fodder. They are apple-sized, round, light green fruit, which are eaten cooked, pickled, or candied. The seeds are roasted and eaten as a snack.


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