Split Dariya – Heera, 300g

Also known as Roasted chana dal, are obtained by roasting chana dal. It gives chickpeas a wonderfully rich and nutty taste. Roasted chana dal is tiny, tough, creamy white with a little aroma or taste and should be crispy. Roasted chana dal is an outstanding source of manganese, folate, and protein, dietary fiber, copper, phosphorous and iron.

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Roasted chana dal is commonly known as “Daria”, which is most widely used in Indian subcontinent, especially in the southern part of India. Roasted chana dal is a very healthy snack in Indian food. Roasted chana dal is used to prepare varieties of Indian cuisine, especially to make traditional south Indian Chutneys. Chutney can be made by pounding roasted chana dal along with curry leaves, coriander, salt, cumin seeds, and dried red chili and then curd can be added to form a smooth paste. This is split and roasted gram dal. It is unsalted and can be used in snacks and chutneys. It is a source of dietary fibre.

– Heera Roasted Dariya can be used in chutney, poha (chivda) and can also be eaten as a whole snack.
– It can be added to chaat.

Storage: Store the Dariya in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place.

Recipe: Coconut chutney
1. Grind coconut, fried gram, green chillies and coriander leaves to a fine paste using a little water. Add salt.
2. Heat oil and add mustard seeds, Urid Dal and curry leaves. Season the chutney with this.


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