Haldiram Moong Dal Plain, 200g

Moong dal – salty, lightly fried and spiced – has been a favourite in India and abroad. It is a healthy snack that’s great to munch on!



Haldiram Moong Dal is a savoury snack made with washed and split moong dal (plain salty flavour). Haldiram Moong Dal is very tasty, delicious, yummy, and crispy. Haldiram Moong Dal can be served with any dishes. Haldiram Moong Dal is very much liked by children. In India Rajasthani and Gujarati snacks are very famous because of refreshing crunch and flavour. Haldiram snacks are highly appreciated; one of the best products is Haldiram Moong Dal. This delightful fried snack is specially prepared with salt and black pepper.


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