Nylon Dhokla Mix – Gits, 180g

Nylon Dhokla is soft, spongy and moist savoury cake. Gits Nylon Dhokla mix is a quick recipe for preparing mouth watering Dhokla. Gits Nylon Dhokla is soft and fine like Nylon fiber.


Ready to cook Nylon Khaman Mix
Ready in 3 steps cooking instruction on the packet
Makes 75 Nylon Khamans of approx. 20g each
Speciality of Western Indian State of Gujarat, Super smooth, super soft, traditional snack made from fermented chick pea flour batter.
Ingredients Chick Pea Flour, Sugar, Salt, Raising Agents & Turmeric Powder.
No Artificial Flavours No Artificial Colours 100% Vegetarian.


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