Fresh Mango Leaves, 100g

Mango leaves are alternately arranged, long and narrow shaped, 6 to 16 inches in length, and leathery in texture. The leaves are pinkish, amber, or pale green-coloured when young and become dark green at maturity.


Mango leaves are full of healing and medicinal properties. They are reddish or purplish when tender and new, and grow into a dark green colour and have a pale underside. These leaves are fleshy and shiny with a sharp tip containing vitamins C, B and A. They are also rich in various other nutrients. These leaves have powerful antioxidant properties as they have a high content of flavonoids and phenols. They can be boiled in water to make a decoction or can be consumed in powdered form. In South East Asia, the tender leaves of the mango tree are cooked and eaten.


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