Fresh Durba Grass for Puja, 200g

Durba Grass for Ganpati Puja and Ganesh Utsav. Durba Grass is commonly used as a puja item in Hindu rituals- especially in Yagya and auspicious ceremonies like in Ganpati Puja.


This is a special kind of grass used in various Hindu puja rituals. It is popularly known as the ?durva? or the ?doob? grass. No puja is ever deemed complete without offering durva to the deity. It is especially an important offering when you perform Ganesh puja. Durva is a special type of sacred grass. It is used to make mats used during prayer rituals and also the sacred ring that is worn during the rituals. The word Durva is derived from the words duhu and avam.

Durva brings the distant pure spiritual particles (pavitraks) of God closer to the devotee. The durva grass consists of three blades which represents the three principles of primal Shiva, primal Shakti and primal Ganesha. Durva is said to have the highest ability to attract the Ganesha principle which explains why it is an important offering made to Lord Ganesha. Generally, the tender shoots of durva are used in puja ritual of a deity. These tender shoots have highest capacity to absorb principles of deities present in the dew drops fallen on their leaves. This benefits the worshipper.

Durba Grass is also known as Bahama grass, Doob in Hindi, Garikehullu, Balli garike, Ambate hullu in Kannada, Haryali dhurva in Marathi, Niladurva in Sanskrit, Arugampillu, Arukampillu, muyalpul in Tamil, Ghericha, gerichagaddi in Telugu.

Botanical name: Cynodon dactylon


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