Fresh Small Indian Onions, approx 200g

Unlike other types of onion, red onions are often consumed raw, with slices of raw onion a popular topping for sandwiches or hamburgers. Red onions may also be grilled or use in a broad range of recipes.


These are obtained from reliable vender of market. These are widely used in different Indian dishes for increasing taste. We provide them at very reasonable price to our customers.

Health Benefits
– Red onions can be a good choice for dieting, as they provide bold flavour with few calories
– It is mainly used as a traditional medicine for common cold
– It stimulates the respiratory tract and helps in expelling sputum (phlegm)
– It contains essential oils that stimulates the sweat glands and promote sweating
– It normalizes blood pressure and, increases appetite and helps prevent diarrhea
– It is rich in sulfur, an essential element that kills or inhibits fungus infections


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