Ground Green Cardamom – Heera, 100g

Green cardamom is an important element in Indian cuisine. It is the perfect addition to vegetable dishes, meat as well as coffee, tea, desserts and syrups.


Highly aromatic spice commonly used in Indian and Arabic. Its unique sweet – spicy flavour allows it to use both sweet and savory dishes. You can use it both for fish dishes, sauces, meats, vegetables, but also for desserts and cakes. Green cardamom is a specific variation characteristic of India. It is harvested before it is ripe and dried in the sun for the sake of clear green colour. Retains the aroma and taste for a long time. Cardamom loses its properties when oil ventilate it. Therefore, it should be stored in jars in a cool, dry place.

Heera source the finest spices from around the world, store them under climate controlled conditions and re-clean them using the very latest technology and methods available. Heera’s state of the art spice mill then creates a spice retaining a unique purity fresh aroma and flavours.


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