Chinese Cinnamon Sticks – Heera, 400g

It is one of those spices that mixes well with a variety of ingredient but especially orange and honey. It can be used whole, broken into small pieces so the aroma and flavour comes out or ground and mixed into food like cakes. Apparently, this everyday spice can nourish your skin, boost your memory, and keep the pounds away.


People have been spicing up their lives with cinnamon sticks since biblical times. Cinnamon stick [dalchini] is the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum. They are extensively used as a spice – very popular especially in asian cooking for its richness. Cinnamon is one of the earliest known spices and has an aromatic sweet flavour. Cinnamon is primarily used for cooking. It adds great flavour and smell to baked good, Asian curries and desserts.

Cinnamon is used as a flavoring agent in soft drinks, teas, and bakery products, and is often added to oatmeal, candy, hot chocolate, tea or coffee, and chewing gums. Cinnamon is also a common ingredient in many Indian curries, popular owing to its delicate aroma and medicinal qualities. The bark pieces are fried in hot oil until they unroll (to release the fragrance). Cinammon sticks are used in rich curries like shahi paneer and korma.


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