Patak Lime Pickle Medium/Hot

A favourite in British- Indian curry houses, Patak's lime pickle is an authentic recipe with a hint of chilies, a suitable complement to your curry recipes.


Indian pickles are preparations of exotic fruits or vegetables cooked in preserving agents such as sugar, salt, oil and vinegar and finally blended with spices. They are savoury in taste and are traditionally served with Indian breads or as a main meal accompaniment. However, their uses outside of Indian food are limited only by your imagination. Try some with salads, cold meat or pizza.

Patak’s authentic Indian Pickles are tantalising blends of exotic fruits and vegetables with carefully selected spices. Delicious and versatile, our pickles make a tasty accompaniment to your favourite with cold meats to give an everyday meal a delectable Indian bite.

Lime (65%), Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Ground Spices (3.5%) ^Spices. Paprika, MUSTARD], Acid (Acetic Acid), Cracked MUSTARD Seed, Cracked Fenugreek Seed


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