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Basmati rice (Tilda or Badshah) is the best rice to use if you want separate, fluffy grains, and a wonderful slightly nutty flavour – and white, refined rice is fluffier than brown. Basmati rice is much taller than other rices, and this contributes to the better flavour, but it does make the plant liable to wind damage. It also smells wonderful (a lot of the pleasure of the taste comes from the anticipation conjured up by the lovely woody fragrance). ‘Basmati’ in Hindi, means ‘queen of fragrance’.

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What is TRS Basmati Rice

  • TRS Basmati Rice is well known brand in UK and in Europe. TRS Basmati is a value for money Basmati rice with good quality grain.
  • Basmati Rice is a well known long grain rice variety traditionally cultivated in North India, Pakistan and Parts of Iran. The word Basmati is derived from Sanskrit word vasmati, meaning “fragrant”.
  • Basmati rice has delicate flavor and a nice medium density bite. It is excellent for most asian dishes, as well as rice pudding and fried rice.
  • Basmati rice has long, slender grains which offers the taste palate a totally different experience in terms of mouth-feel and taste – distinctive, unique and slightly ‘nutty’
  • Basmati Rice is also known as Chowl (Bengali), Chokha (Gujarati), Chawal (Hindi), Akki (Kannada), Tomul (Kashmiri), Ari (Malayalam), Tandool (Marathi), Chaula (Oriya), Arisi (Tamil), Biyyam (Telugu).

Where/How is TRS Basmati Rice is used

  • Each grain of Basmati rice, when cooked, remains separate which gives a light and fluffy rice.
  • TRS Basmati rice is a perfect accompaniment to Indian curries and is used in biriyani and pilaf dishes.
  • Before making TRS Basmati Rice, rinse it in cold water for few minutes, This helps getting ride of starch which makes the rice sticky. For longer grain, leave rice soaked for 30 minutes in cold water. Do not rinse rice after soaking, so as to avoid breaking the grains.
  • Basmati rice can be easily cooked in rice cooker, stove or pressure cooker. One cup rice with two cups of water works well with Basmati Rice.

Notes about Basmati Rice

  • Basmati is gluten-free and low in fat. It contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid, and is very low in sodium and has no cholesterol.
  • Basmati has a low to medium glycaemic index, meaning that energy is released at a slower, steadier rate leading to a more balanced level of energy.

Basmati comes from the Hindi word for “fragrant,” and fittingly so. Basmati rice is all about the flavor and aroma, which is intensely spicy, nutty, and floral (compared to other rice that is, not hot sauce or cashews or like, actual flowers). The textural value lies in the fact that the long grains remain individual, non-sticky grains, allowing curry and other sauces to coat each grain for maximum flavor. And yeah, like we said, long-grain rice is perfect as sides for saucy dishes or the base of a pilaf.

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