Black Glutinous Rice – Royal Tiger, 1kg

Royal Tiger Black glutinous rice, also known as Black Ketan Rice, is basically normal white sticky rice, but in its complete form including the black/purple membrane around the grain. It is mainly used in sweet dishes and desserts. However, it can also be consumed in a hearty dish as a replacement for normal white rice. Keep in mind that the cooking time is a lot longer dan normal white rice and due to the membranes, the rice has somewhat of a bite. Very tasty!


Black Glutinous Rice goes by an abundance of names: Black sticky rice, sweet rice and Indonesian Black rice. It is an unpolished whole grain rice variety that has a sweet nutty and earthy taste and is used widely in Indonesian cooking. Because of its natural sweetness, Black sticky rice is most popularly used to create mouthwatering puddings which can be served, like porridge, for breakfast or as a decadent after dinner treat. While it is most commonly thought to be black, the bran of Black sticky rice is actually a deep and rich burgundy colour!

Thailand is one of the top rice producers and exporters in the world and its cuisine, and many other Southeastern countries, make no exception when it comes to ‘kao niow dahm,’ or black sticky rice. Grown abundantly around the country, this nutritious whole grain is mostly consumed as a sweet gelatinous pudding which is widely available in most, if not all, walking marketplaces. It’s isn’t seen so commonly on restaurant’s dessert menus as Thai people are not big dessert eaters and rather enjoy black sticky rice pudding as an afternoon snack or treat. Black sticky rice is also used as a nutty whole grain in some Thai style salads.


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