White Oats – Quaker, 500g

Quaker White Oats Quick cooking Barley, Wheat, Rye, Soya Energy & saturated fat Carbohydrate, fibre, sugar, protein, salt 500 grams attractive sachet bag.



Various cuts of oats remove/retain different amounts of fiber and sugar. … Next in line are steel cutoats, followed by rolled oats, then quick oats, and finally instant oats. 100% whole grain oats
Nothing feels so great than a well-served bowl of Quaker White Oats at breakfast or anytime you get the hunger pangs. Quaker Oats comes handy as a quick hunger stopper, filling you up with nourishing goodness. Enjoy 100% whole grain oats that has the potentials to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Apart from the fact that your Quaker White Oats is easy to prepare, additionally, it serves as a great source of iron, and other essential vitamins and minerals that are nutritious to your body and well being.
Weight Loss and Cholesterol Control
Bowl after bowl of your favourite Quaker White Oats can also help with your weight loss regimen by reducing bad cholesterol stored in the body with its fibre rich heart healthy recipe.
You can spice up your oats with fruits, nuts and other varieties which brings a whole new nourishing flavour to your bowl of Oatmeal!


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