Urid Beans – TRS, 1kg

Urid beans, also called urad beans, black gram beans or black lentils, are the seeds of the Vigna mungo plant. These small black beans are a popular pulse, rich in protein and minerals. and valued for their rich, nutty taste and creamy texture.


Urid dal lentils are very tasty and make a brownish dal. The dal becomes quite thick and creamy, it is very good for a filling dinner. Urid beans should be soaked overnight before cooking in order to rehydrate them, then drained and cooked in ample fresh water until tender.

In Indian cuisine, urid beans are often cooked with other pulses. Try using them in sambar, a classic, South Indian dal dish made from an assortment of dals, including urid beans, cooked with vegetables and flavoured with spices including turmeric, chilli and fenugreek seeds.


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