Red Kidney Beans – Heera

Red kidney bean in hindi is called rajma. It came to India from South America where it is still a popular ingredient of there cuisine. Usually it’s served with basmati rice (rajma chawal).

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It’s more popular in northern part of India than in the southern one.

Red kidney beans has to be boiled at least for ten minutes, otherwise it can be toxic as same as its sprouts.

– Can be added to the non-vegetarian dishes like Hack Fleisch (mix of beef and pork) and Chilly Con Carne.
РSaut̩ed with spices, tomatoes, onion, garlic and ginger, it can be served as an Indian main course dish along with rice and roti.
– It can also be added to salads and chaats.

Health benefits
– They are rich in dietary fibre and help reduce bad cholesterol.
– They are also rich in iron which increases energy levels.
– They are high in protein and can act as a great substitute for meat etc. for vegetarians.
– They also help in stabilizing blood sugar levels.
– Red Kidney Beans are rich in anti-oxidants and hence have a lot of anti-aging power in them.
– They contain vitamin K which is also very important for brain functioning
– They also have Biotin which is responsible for healthy hair and nails.
– They are rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, Niacin.

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