TRS Ajwain (Lovage) Seeds, 100g

The TRS Ajwain (Lovage Seed) is of the Parsley family, and resembles Thyme in aroma and flavour. Mainly used blended with gram flour in making savoury snacks like Onion Bhajia, Pakora and Cathia.


TRS Ajwain (Lovage) seeds are used extensively in Indian cooking. Ajwain has a flavour similar to thyme but is stronger and less subtle. Complements breads and parathas and goes well with vegetable and potato dishes. Lovage seeds are traditionally used as a digestive aid. They are well known for relieving abdominal discomfort due to indigestion in Ayurveda. Lovage seeds add a complex aroma and flavour to the soups and curries.


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