Star Anise -TRS, 50g

Star anise is used in Indian and Chinese cooking, as well as mulled wine. It is an aromatic spice added to cakes, compotes and puddings. Use one Star Anis in plain rice or rice biryani to give it a wonderful aroma to the dish.


Star Anise (also Aniseed) is an authentic Indian whole spice used to enhance flavour of Indian cuisine. Aniseeds are commonly known as “saunf” in Indian subcontinent. Aniseeds are one of the oldest authentic Indian whole spices which are schizocarp dry fruit of aniseed plant. It has a sweet licorice like taste. Aniseeds are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant .TRS-Aniseeds are most widely used in making delicious Indian recipes; either whole or ground seeds are usually used to add distinctive flavours to Indian food.

It is generally best to add whole cloves of star anise to your cooking, rather than to crush them up. One or two whole cloves will flavour any dish. Add star anise to rice for a wonderful aroma, or to Chinese stir-fries and curries. You can also add one or two cloves to desserts or mulled wine… it compliments sweet spices such as cinnamon. Star anise can also be added to herbal teas. It has a soothing effect, and is good for digestion.


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