Sambar Mix – MTR, 200g

Sambhar or Sambar is a vegetable and lentil based stew with broath, almost always consumed every day in South India. Sambhar is stapled with the traditional South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli and Uttapam.


Sambhar is a very popular and common dish in south India and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines. Sambar is a vegetable stew based on a broth made from toor dal, tamarind and other spices. The delicious taste of sambar is due to the mixture of ground spices known as sambar masala powder. Sambar masala powder comes from the people who are known for its traditional way of preparing sambar. Sambar is eaten with plain boiled rice, Idlis, Vadas, Dosas, and with almost everything.

Sambar masala is prepared by a delicate blend of 15 to 20 ingredients that capture the flavours of the south India. To save effort, sambar masala help us to prepare delicious sambar in few minutes. Sambar-masala is 100% natural and contains no artificial flavour and preservatives. The ingredients used to prepare this recipe are made with traditional techniques to make sure that purity, freshness and flavour are properly retained.


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