Ragi Whole (Redteff) – Heera, 1kg

Finger millet, more commonly known as ragi or nachani, is a cereal widely grown in the African and Asian continents. No other cereal comes close to Ragi when it comes to calcium content. The natural fat content in Ragi is also lower than most other cereals. Making it a popular alternative to wheat.



Ragi is well known for its very high nutritious values. Ragi millet resembles with Mustard seed in appearance. Ragi is an excellent source of Calcium and fibre. Also, since Ragi does not contain gluten, it is suitable for people with Gluten allergy. Being low in Glycemic index, Ragi is also suitable for weight control and diabetics.
In India, Ragi is used as a very popular food for infants and toddlers. As well as the in dishes like Ragi Idli, Ragi Dosa and Upma for adults as well.
Ragi is also known as Finger Millet, Madua, Bhav, Nachani, Kezhvaragu, Ragulu


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