Pearl Barley – Heera, 500g

Pearl Barley has had the bran partially removed, resulting in a quicker cooking time. It is a hearty grain that is great in soups, including classic comfort food dishes such as vegetable barley soup and beef and barley soup.


A good source of dietary fiber and minerals. Try making Soups, Salads and Risotto with our Pearl Barley.

Pearl barley, or pearled barley, is barley processed to remove its hull and bran. Barley must have its fibrous outer hull removed before it can be eaten; pearl barley is taken a step further, polished to remove the bran layer.

As a health food, its fibre content promotes digestion and helps to regulate blood sugar. It contains protein, plus B vitamins and iron for energy production, and calcium for bone strength. It is not suitable for those on gluten-free diets.

Pearl barley has seen a big revival recently thanks to its high nutritious value and crunchy texture. It is most often cooked in stocks or soups, where it absorbs all the flavours from the liquid. This means that the taste of the grain largely depends on what it’s cooked in.

Store the grains in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and in an airtight container.


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