Onion Powder – Badia, 18g

Onion powder is a highly convenient natural flavouring for all kinds of dishes. It also blends very well with garlic powder and spices to create an endless variety of savoury seasonings, suitable for both vegetarian, meat and fish recipes.


Badia onion powder prized flavour of the underground bulb known as onion is used around the world in a multitude of dishes. This practical blend permeates common with the enhanced flavour of onion, and makes it easy to add the final touch to any dish in the kitchen or the table. Badia strives to be the strongest ethnic line of spices in the marketplace, with the most competitive prices and an exceptional selection of products for consumers to choose from.

Ideal for use in sauces and gravies, spice blends, canned foods, meats, spreads and soups. We like to use onion powder when we don’t have fresh onions around and we can adjust the flavour of a dish by adding differing amounts of the dried onion. Other times we’ll use onion powder to give a dish a more assertive flavour.


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