Long Grain Rice – Trophy, 2kg

Trophy Long Grain rice is the smart choice for all styles of cooking. Slim, slender grains guarantee a fluffy and separable result every time. Ideal choice for an attractive savoury dish and a host of international cuisines including Chinese, Chilli con carne, Pulao and Rice & Pea.


Rich in goodness smart by choice. The Trophy Seal of Quality Each pack comes to you with the guaranteed quality standards of Indo European Foods. On cooking, these long and slender grains remain fluffy and separate – making this versatile rice the ideal choice for a wide variety of cuisines from Casseroles, Stews, Salads and Stir-fry dishes to Chilli con carne.

Rice with a length that is four to five times its width. The rice is fluffy and dry when cooked and because of its low starch content, the rice separates easily without excessive stickiness. Long grain rice is available in different varieties, such as aromatic, white and brown. Rice can be steamed or baked and is used in salads, main dishes or casseroles, and side dishes of rice.


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