Jalpur Achar Masala for Pickling, 175g

Jalpur Achar masala is a unique masala specially made in house for use with pickles. It consists of dhana kuriya, rai kuriya, salt, chilli powder, oil, methi kuriya and asafoetida. This will make any home made pickle taste delicious.


Picking vegetables and fruits in summer is very common in every house hold in India. Jalpur Achar Masala is a ready made pickling masala blend suitable for Indian style pickles. Jalpur Achar Masala can also be used for sprinkling over the prepared curry like Achari vegetables or Achari meat dishes. In Gujarati cuisines, Pickle Masala Powder is also known as a Shambharyo or Methia masala. Apart from making pickle, it is also used as a side.


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