Jal Jeera Masala – MDH, 100g

Jal jeera is a popular indian salty and refreshing summer drink. This is a drink used for indigestion.


MDH Jal Jeera Masala is a spice blend for fried savouries. Use Jal-Jeera masala with Gol-Gupa and Pani Puri. Also use it for making Dahi Bhalla, chat, papri, papad more delicious. Add salt or sugar to taste. It already contains all the necessary and relevant spices that go in the preparation of the drink. MDH jal jeera powder is a blend of all the commonly used spices in the Indian household.

Ingredients : Iodised Salt, Black Salt, Dry Mango, Cumin, Tamarind, Citric Acid, Mint Leaves, Kachri, Dried Ginger, Yellow Chillies, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Cloves, Asafoetida.


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