Hot and spicy seasoning – Rajah, 100g

A blend of salt and spices specially formulated to enhance the flavour and add heat to a wide range of dishes.


Hot and Spicy Seasoning is a magical blend of specially selected tropical herbs and spices give that distinctive, aromatic and delicious flavour to bring out the real tropical taste. Rajah Hot and Spicy Seasoning can be sprinkled onto meat to taste and grill or BBQ.

Salt, Ground Coriander, Crushed Chilli, Ground MUSTARD, Ground Paprika, Garlic Granules, Ground Chilli, Ground Ginger, Ground Cumin, Red Bell Pepper Granules, Rubbed Mint, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (SOYA) (including colour (E150d)), Spice Extracts (including natural colour (E160c)), Ground Caraway, Anti-caking Agent (E551).


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