Heera Black Cardamom (badi elaichi), 50g

Also Known as Badi elaichi, moti elaichi. Black cardamom is 4 to 6 times the size of the common small or green cardamom and although from the same family, vary vastly in taste. Heera Premium quality Black Cardamom is excellent to add that unique smoky flavour to hearty meat stews, rich Briyanis and similar dishes.


Black cardamom, according to international market survey belongs to top three the most expensive spices in the world after saffron and vanillin. This original spice comes from Indonesia, of which widely used and extracted in many dishes and food worldwide. Black cardamom has various forms of package; fresh, powder, extract, and oil. Essential cardamom oil made of cardamom fruit seeds which are insulated without peeling process and topped with steam distillation.

In Indonesia, cardamom is widely used into mix of traditional food which combines tons of spices ingredients. How about the taste? Do not you dare to ask since nothing can beat the strong and rich aroma of the food are. However, not only being beneficial for food mixing, cardamom also be utilized as health product to keep our healthy body. There are some health benefits of black cardamom which you may know more below. Check them out!


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