Fitne Herbal Teas, 45g

Fitne Herbal Tea is a laxative slimming tea. It is claimed to help in body system detoxification and it enhances a healthy and regular bowel movement. The most used ingredients are the pods and leaves of senna. The product is available in green tea, chrysanthemums flavour which has great taste and smell, and original flavour which has a unique natural herbal smell and taste. It is available on the manufacturer’s official website.

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Fitne Herbal Tea key ingredient works as a natural laxative. It increases* your intestine’s ability to detoxify your body. Italso aids in preventing the fats from accumulating. It works by offering you with a healthy regular bowel movement. The tea improves* your digestion and boosts* your metabolism. The product contains essential oils that help to beautify your skin. It is rich in antioxidants that boost* your immune system. Green Tea triggers the release of fat from fat cells stored in adipose tissues. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It contains catechins that increase* the level of norepinephrine as well as boosting thermogenic processes. It also aids in preventing cancer in your large intestines.


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