Cut Cabbage Kimchi – Chongga, 300g

Kimchi is Korea’s national dish. Made from napa cabbage, garlic, onions, chilli and saeujeot (shrimp sauce) and fish sauce. A spicy, sourish pickle that is eaten as a side dish at almost every meal. Can be used it cooking aswell. Now in a convenient tub!



Cabbage, Radish, Red Pepper Powder, Rice Starch (Guar Gum), Fructose, Salt, Garlic, Leek, Korean Leek, Onion,Fermented Anchovy Sauce (Anchovy, Salt), Monsodium Glutamate, Ginger, Fermented Shrimp Sauce (Shrimp, Salt), Lacto Bacillus, Sesame.


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