Condensed Milk – Longevity, 397g

Longevity Brand condensed Milk popular around the world. Popular use for making Vietnamese Ice Coffee and Thai Ice Tea. Great for Desserts.



It is produced from high-grade cow’s milk, milk powder, fat, refined sugar and vitamin A, D and B1 to meet the international quality and sanitation standards for food. You might be familiar with American sweetened condensed milk, used to make caramel or pumpkin pies, but Vietnamese sweetened condensed milk is a little different. It is made with more milk added for extra creaminess, and as a result, lightens coffee much better than Carnation or other brands available in America. Most brands sold in America now are including vegetable oils or thickeners to save money, but Longevity is 100% whole milk and sugar. It does not require refrigeration prior to opening.

Ingredients: whole milk, sugar.


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