Chickpea Flour – Heera, 1kg

Chickpeas were one of the first cultivated crops by humans and are still one of the most popular legumes around the world today, so it’s not surprising that some cultures have used chickpeas to make a grain-free, versatile flour for centuries.



Some of the benefits of swapping your usual flours for chickpea flour? A higher proportion of fiber, no gluten and a higher percentage of protein too. Whether you can tolerate eating grains or not, you’ll likely love the dense, filling quality of chickpea flour and be surprised just how many ways you can easily begin to use it.

Chickpeas belong to the class of high-fiber foods called legumes or pulse, which also includes beans, lentils and green peas. Chickpea flour — which is also called gram flour, garbanzo bean flour or traditionally besan — is popular in many countries, especially in Asia and the Middle East. For example, it’s considered a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Bangladeshi cuisines.

The health benefits of legume consumption have received rising interest from researchers, and their consumption and production extend worldwide. Among European countries, higher legume consumption is observed around the Mediterranean, (with per capita daily consumption between eight and 23 grams, compared to just five grams in Northern Europe and the U.S.), which has led researchers to believe that higher levels of fiber and phytonutrients from beans might be one reason why these populations have historically experienced great health.


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