Ahmed Rose Petal Spread (Gulkand), 400g

This rose petal spread is very sweet and aromatic. Can be used in baking as a spread, however as it is too sweet make sure to only use small amounts as needed.


  • Gulkand is a sweet preserve made up of petals of a specific Indian variety of rose and is among the most delicious Ayurvedic preparations. Gulkand is well known for its cooling or pacifying properties. Gulkand or Gulqand in Hindi, Gulkandu in Tamil.
  • Gulkand is commonly used as an ingredient of Paan (betel leaf), a popular dessert and digestive of Pakistan and North India.
  • Gulkand may also be used to make rose flavoured teas and drinks

Roses are proven scientifically to contain high quantity of vitamin C. Vitamin C derived from roses, when they are eaten up in the edible form causes red blood cells count to increase and therefore increase haemoglobin in the body.It also contain minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus which stimulate the bones for better red cell production.


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