Chana Dal-Heera

Chana Dal – also called Channa Dal – are split chick peas which are especially good for preparing for rich Dals. The Chana Dall from Heera comes from regular farming (not organic) in a very high quality. Suitable for vegetarians.


This food—chana dal—is practically unknown in the West, but is becoming available here too. Chana dal is a bean that comes from India, where they appreciate it very much. The Heera Chana Dall is an excellent source for energy, protein and fibre, very low in fat or sugars. This makes it particularly suitable for a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet.

This bean looks just like yellow split peas, but is quite different because it doesn’t readily boil down to mush. It’s more closely related to garbanzo beans, or chickpeas. The differences are that chana dal is younger, smaller, split, sweeter, and has a much lower glycemic index. But you can substitute chana dal for garbanzo beans in just about any recipe.

Chana dal is one of the staple foods in India. It is also known as Bengal gram. Yellow chana dal has slightly sweet taste and nutty flavour. Chana dal is very versatile and cooked with different combination of lentils and vegetables.

Chana dal is produced by removing the outer layer of kala chana (black chickpeas) and then splitting the kernel. Heera Chana Dal is a yellow lentil well suited for making Chana Dal Curry. Also, Chana dal is a protien- rich supplement, regular consumption of Heera Chana Dal helps reducing protien malnutrition. Chana dal helps in lowering cholestrol level. Also, Chana dal is good for diabetic patients, as Chana Dal has low glycaemic index.

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