Whole Yellow Peas – TRS, 500g

The flavour of Yellow Peas is grainier, milder and less sharply vegetable tasting than the flavour of green peas, because Yellow Peas have less chlorophyll in them. Yellow Peas are also quicker to lose their shape when being cooked than green peas.


The WHOLE YELLOW PEAS are also known as Matar and Green Vatana. These peas are member of legume family. These are pale yellow in color and ΒΌ inch round in size. Whole dried peas have a history 10,000 years old. Whole Yellow Peas are originally from Middle East and later spread to Mediterranean region, India, Pakistan and china. Peas are used in split form. Whole Yellow Peas are substitute for fresh peas.

Yellow Peas are popular in Nordic countries for soups. Yellow Peas are used in India as well, though they don’t really grow any great amounts there and import most of them. Yellow Peas are not the same as the legume called “Chana Dal”, though you can use Yellow Peas as a perfectly acceptable substitute for Chana Dal.


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