Wasabi Sauce – S & B, 100g

Turn up the heat on your sandwiches, spreads, dips and more with our unique blend of horseradish sauce, Wasabi, and special spices.



Give your food a clean burst of heat with S&B’s wasabi paste. Made with a combination of wasabi root and Japanese horseradish, the heat generated from this wasabi is different from the heat chilli generates, in that wasabi heat stimulates the sinuses, cleanses the palate, and helps to highlight the flavour of other foods. Add tiny amounts of wasabi to sushi, sashimi, or cold soba noodles.

Ingredients: water, sunflower oil, sugar, modified starch, salt, dextrin, horseradish (1.5%), aromas (contains mustard oil), wasabi japonica (0.3%).

Net : 170g

Product of Japan


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