Uttapam Mix – MTR, 500g

Now you can get delightfully crispy uthappam in an instant. A delicious traditional breakfast, made ready with an instant mix batter.


Add the MTR Uttapam Mix to prepare an instant Uttappam dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner or evening snack. The mix is made of the Batter, flavoured spices and mix of vegetables.

Tasty and wholesome Uttapams add a pleasant surprise to your breakfast. Savour these traditional fluffy South Indian pancakes with a host of accompaniments – in next to no time. Serve hot with MTR Sambar, Coconut chutney and Potato curry. Ingredients: Semoline (46%), Rice (46%), Wheat Cream, Salt, Cumin, Green Chilli, Malic Acid, Sodium Acetate.

Add 11/2 measures of Water and 1/2 measure of Yoghurt to 1 measure MTR Instant Rava Dosa Mix. Alternatively use only 2 measures of Water. If desired, add Chopped Green Chillies, Coriander Leaves and finely Chopped Onions for better flavour. Stir into a smooth batter and keep aside for 5-minutes. Smear the heated Tava with oil. Spread 1 cup of batter on Tava and fry one side on low flame till golden brown. Add a spoonful of Ghee if required. Serve hot. Rub the Tava gently with a damp cloth to cool the surface. Repeat the above steps for more lovely Dosas…


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