Tom Ka Paste – Lobo, 400g

A delightful cream soup harmonized by the flavour of coconut milk, galangal root, kaffir lime leaves and hearts of lemongrass. Cook gently to prevent the coconut milk from separating.



Tom Ka Ghai a spicy hot soup in Laotian cuisine and Thai Cuisine. This soup is made with coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass and chicken. Boil 1 cup of coconut cream, add 500 g chicken and 50 g Tom Kha paste. Cook until well done. Add 2 cups of water, simmer until tender. Add one more cup of coconut cream. Bring to boil and ready to serve. Add fish sauce and lime juice to taste.

Salt, galangal, lemongrass, soybean oil, sugar, spices, monosodium glutamate, citric acid.


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