Tamarind Paste – Priya, 300g

Tamarind paste is equivalent to 6g of traditional tamarind. The various applications, the method application and the manner of incorporation in to various food preparations and dishes are all exactly similar to those of traditional tamarind.


Ingredients: Tamarind extract (83%), Salt and Refined rice bran oil (100% Natural).

Applications: Sambhar, Rasam, Pulihora, Pulodarai, Chutney, sauces, Curries, Soups, Gravies, Worcestershire Sauce.Can serve as a substitute for Amchur, Anardhana and Kokum.

The tamarind tree is native to Africa and now grown extensively in the Indian subcontinent too. The pod-like fruit of this tree is used in international cuisines. Priya’s Tamarind Paste is thick, seedless and prepared from this fruit pulp. This tangy ingredient tastes sweet and sour and adds zest to every dish.

– It is used in the Indian cuisine to prepare dishes like tamarind rice, sambar and rasam.
– It is also used to make jams, syrups, sauces and tamarind chutney (which serves as a great dip).
– Tangy tamarind balls are also served as a digestive or to fight nausea.

– Tamarind is rich in Vitamin B, C, K and calcium.


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