Tamarind Juice – Foco, 350ml

Foco Tamarind drink is made as a refreshing drink with 30% tamarind pulp and the rest water, sugar, and high fructose syrup. It is free of artificial flavours and preservatives. It is highly energising and tastes good.



Water, Tamarind Pulp (30%), Sugar, High Fructose Syrup.

Tamarind is a good source of antioxidants that fight against cancer. Tamarind contains carotene, vitamin C, flavanoids and the B-vitamins, it also protects against vitamin C deficiency. Tamarind is also believed to heal skin inflammation, reduces fever, protect against colds, help body digest food and lowers cholesterol.

Have a sip of FOCO Tamarind Juice today and you will surely enjoy its refreshing taste . It is made from all natural ingredients therefore it could be a healthy drinks.Product of Thailand.


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