Tamarind Drink – Wonderfarm, 310ml

Wonderfarm Tamarind Juice is a refreshing tasty thirst quencher and real drinking pleasure.



Many people are turning to the exotic option of tamarind juice to improve their health in various ways, thanks to the rich supply of nutrients and antioxidants in this juice. Tamarind juice comes from the fruit of a tamarind tree, a unique legume-bearing tree scientifically known as Tamarindus indica.

The delicious Wonderfarm Tamarind Juice contains pulp of the tamarind reminiscent in appearance to a large brown bean. This exotic fruit is very popular in Asian countries and is appreciated for its sour taste. The juice is best served cold.

Benefits Of Tamarind Juice
The important benefits of tamarind juice include its ability to clear up skin conditions, aid in weight loss, protect against free radicals, and reduce inflammation, among others.


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