Roasted Vermicelli – TRS

MTR Roasted Vermicelli is a traditional delicacy and is extruded from Hard Wheat Flour and roasted to the desired taste.



It can be boiled with milk and sugar or cream to make desserts of different traditional taste. Roasted MTR Vermicelli makes the authentic never-ending temptation that vermicelli can be.

Roasted Vermicelli is a lightly roasted thin noodles used in variety of dished in Indian cuisine. Many part of India make popular dish called Upma, which is a savoury dish consumed mostly in breakfast. Kheer and Semiya Payasam are sweet dessert dishes which are milk based puddings using Roasted Vermicelli. Vermicelli is also known as Faloodeh is a frozen dessert made up of thin vermicelli noodles flavoured with rose water and pistachios.
Vermicell, Seviyan, Shemai, Sev, Sevalu, Semiya, Shavige


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