Red Chilli Sauce – Weikfield, 265g

Weikfield sauces are a great tasting range, with many types of sauces and dips available. This red chilli dip is a good example of quality and texture. Perfect for your chips/fries, dips, put in noodles or pasta and in curries for that chilli tangy taste.


Weikfield pays homage to the ever popular Chinese cuisine with its range of innovative Chinese sauces. Red Chilli Sauce, a bright red coloured sauce comes with a strong flavour of red chillies. It is made from the spiciest red chillies. The hot and spicy flavour makes your food more tasty making it more sizzling. It adds a characteristic flavour to your food. Wiekfield Red Chilli sauce can be used as a great substitute to whole red chillies, it can be creatively used while cooking for better taste.


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