Pure Mustard Oil – TRS

Mustard oil is well known for its healthful consumption in various ways or forms by general people. It can be used as cooking oil and there are countless dishes in which it is used as an important ingredient.

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Mustard oil contains omega-3, which keeps proven effects of improving human health. While heating mustard oil, it usually is heated to smoking temperature because at high temperature, the contents of omega-3 can be deteriorated. Many tasty sauces can be prepared with mustard oil like mustard sauce. It is widely used in different pickles and it keeps very healthy effects if used for massaging. Massaging is one of the most important applications of mustard oil and it possesses very beneficial effects, if applied on any part of the body for massaging purpose.

It has the effect of penetrating down to the skin and it causes the muscles to relax to some very considerable extent. It can be used for the removal of different pains and muscle swallowing. If applied on the head then it cause to eliminate the headaches and it keeps very beneficial effects for the health of hairs. KTC mustard oil is very hygienically prepared and introduced in the market for those customers, which remain in search of safe and healthy mustard oil. It is a ready to use item and customers can use it right after buying in any way they want. KTC mustard oil keeps all the healthy and nutrition contents, which are the specialty of mustard oil because this oil has been prepared and preserved by keeping in consideration, all the essential healthy food processing requisites.

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1L, 500ml


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