Palanquin Ginger Herbal Tea, 80g

Ginger Herbal Tea will give you a drink with a refreshing aroma and a sense of warmth to the body. Palanquin Ginger herbal tea is made with freshly ground dry ginger. It has a fresh uplifting aroma and leaves a pleasant feeling of warmth and lightness. As it is naturally caffeine free it is suitable at any time of the day. Particularly after heavy meals.

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Caffeine free. Ginger. Palanquin Ginger Herbal Tea is made from freshly ground dry ginger. It is goodness packed in a tea bag Ginger is aptly described in the traditional language of sanskrit as “vishwabhesaj”, the universal medicine. Ginger has many beneficial properties of which a few are: Lowers cholesterol. Stimulates circulation of the blood. Removes toxins from the body, cleansing the bowels and kidneys. Helps to ease indigestion. Relieves colds and flu symptoms.


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