Oriental Sukiyaki Sauce – Thai Dancer, 300ml

Sukiyaki is originally a Japanese fondue dish consisting of beef, tofu, shirataki noodles, Chinese cabbage and mushrooms. The Thai version of this dish is called “Thai suki” and in Chinese it is called translated “brazier”.


Thai people prefer shrimp, fish balls and wontons with shrimp filling. Use Thai Dancer Thai Sukiyaki Sauce directly as a fond for your broth or use it as a dip sauce served in bowls. This sauce is made of soybeans and has a sweet and salty and slightly spicy taste. Thai Dancer Thai Sukiyaki Sauce goes perfectly with vegetarian varieties of Thai suki.

red bean 29%, water, garlic, sugar, red chilli, vinegar, salt, brown rice, soybean oil, modified corn starch, flavor enhancer: E621.


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