Niharti Coconut Oil, 250ml

Niharti Pure Coconut Oil is 100% pure coconut oil derived from best quality coconuts is an all-purpose cooking oil ideal for use in cooking, baking, frying and seasoning. Coconut oil can also beused on hair and on the skin as a natural moisturiser.



Niharti Pure Coconut Oil is 100% natural oil extracted from the best quality coconuts.
The Niharti coconut oil is versatile cooking oil & can be used as a healthier substitute for any oil in your everyday cooking.
Direction for use: Suitable for frying, baking, roasting & spreading. This coconut oil can also be used on hair and as a natural skin moisturiser.
Ingredients: 100% Coconut oil
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Coconut oil is an essential component of South Indian cooking but is a useful ingredient in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes due to its sweet, nutty flavour. Here are some of our favourite uses:
Use when cooking a curry for a healthy alternative to vegetable oil (with a lovely hint of sweetness).
Substitute for any fat in baking – beautiful vegan cakes anyone?!
Blend with nuts to make your favourite nut butter.
Pop popcorn in it and top with chilli sauce and parmesan for a delicious snack.
Maximise its moisturising properties by putting it in your hair, on your face, everywhere!
What’s even better is that coconut oil has loads of benefits! Aside from being dairy-free and cooking at high temperatures, it’s also healthy. It’s easy to digest, a great source of energy and low in polyunsaturated fats. Give it a go!


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