Iam Superjuice Maracujas

‘Iam Super Juice’ contains natural fruit juice, mineral water, vitamin C and natural colouring.



The founder of Iam Super Juice visited Asia, looking for a healthy drink to distribute. He came up on a recipe which triggered his interests. After a lot of research he found all the resources to produce this delicious and healthy drink. One of the resources are the fruitfarms.

Iam Super Juice is a new fruit juice brand with appealing design and competitive pricing and is based on 6 of the most special and healthy fruits; lychee, passion fruit, mango, mangosteen, soursop and coconut. We don’t use any preservatives and ‘Iam Super Juice’ is never made from concentrate. It’s produced and bottled in Asia.

We produce in Asia with the highest production standards producing the most premium beverages. Iam Super Juice custom ingredients originate from the purest natural sources. In our production line we are constantly monitored for quality and safety.


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